Monday, March 10, 2008

The Silence

from Ingmar Bergman, The Silence*

I wouldn't accept my wretched role,
But now it's too damn lonely.
We try out attitudes and find them all worthless;
The forces are too strong.
I mean the forces... The horrible forces.

You need to watch your step
- among all the ghosts and memories.
All this talk--
There's no need to discuss loneliness.
It's a waste of time.


* I saw this film a few years ago, and had this little snippet stored in my drafts for the blog. But it's such a sunny day here that this cutting quote felt like an icicle on the beach, still sharp but not dangerous. It's not that existential worries don't exist in sunny climates; look no further than L'avventura to see the loneliness of a seaside holiday... But perhaps they are just a little bit weaker?

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