Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confirming my existence or A spot of (computer) trouble

Dear Reader(s),

I really don't want to cash in my computer trouble chip just yet. I've been on the road a lot the last weeks and have also truthfully not felt inspired. Not by life, but by my own insights on it.

In the middle of it all, I did have a panic moment when my computer screen turned grey and emitted three loud beeps (so precise these Macs even when in distress). But after 300 quid and some panic, I'm back on the road.

I've even managed to do some interesting things (went to the London Art Fair a few weeks ago), cooked a fantastic sweet potato and cauliflower soup in a saffron broth, and heard some good music. But the keys just weren't clicking... What can I say?

I will rededicate myself to logging the mundanities (this is apparently not a word, but I do like it) of my life.



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Political commentary? What has this blog come to? (To what has this blog come?)

Well, not really. I was fascinating reading this morning of Hilary Clinton's win in the New Hampshire primary that everyone emphasized her emotional moment at a press conference in a coffee shop in NH, how it galvanized women voters by showing her emotional side. A uniquely American spectacle, so here it is:

Did you see emotions there? I suppose compared to her normally steely exterior, yes, barely. But it seems far too overblown. In America's need for the confessional, they are will to take even this! Where was the tearful confession of indiscretion? Where was the religious vision? Where was the revelation of abuse as a child? Having said that, it was her voice that I found most interesting. Normally, hard and confident, it did finally sound like she was speaking rather than reciting some memorized speech.

I'm heading down to the nearest Starbucks to see if anyone wants to interview me and give me my Hilary moment.



Monday, January 7, 2008

Very annoying commentary (or Monkeys in the funhouse)

With New Year's resolutions come New Year's confessions. Here's my first of 2008. I've been defrosting. Not food from the freezer. (I'm just not organized enough to freeze in the first place). But blog posts. (Gasp!)

The New Year is rolling along, indeed probably already more appropriately the new year, and my head isn't quite in the game. So I've been putting out entries that I wrote earlier but for some reason or another never posted (actually, today's is the second).

I'm back at the wheel of the flugelbindery now, so I'm hoping soon there will be new stories to tell.

In the meanwhile, here's something I wrote a while back. The commentary seems rather annoying, so you can just ignore it and look at the fun pictures.



* * *

Title: Monkeys in the funhouse

OK, I admit it. That's the meanest thing I have ever written. But in fairness, I'm included myself among the monkeys. It's really more attributing malicious intention to the creators of Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern and the artists who exhibit there. They are taking cruel pleasure in creating displays for us to huddle around, to pod, poke, and explore, exactly as if the zookeepers had put a new toy in the enclosure.

OK, I admit it wasn't that bad: Oooo, here it comes the crack:

Notice how everyone huddles around it, like a beached whale.
Some of the brave even look it in the eye, some even braver test its depths:

Just give me ahhhrt. Boring art.


P.S. I promise to be more generous and fun-filled next time...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Before / after: Attack of the mushroom mound

It started innocently enough, with the desire to cook a mushroom ragout for 6-9 people. So I doubled the recipe that could feed 4-6 people. I had never seen what 2 kg of mushrooms look like, here it is:

Intimidating and impressive. That's my 10-person paella pan filled to the brim. But the alchemy of the fire again takes over, and after 90 minutes it looks like this:

It was (thanks Mark Bittman) delicious, but still enough to feed 14 people. Since I only had 4 for dinner, if you would like any mushroom ragout drop me a line and I'll send you some in the post.



P.S. Another excellent blogging theme stolen from my friend Lola.
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