Sunday, March 2, 2008


Gentle readers,

While you are bored witless and looking for any escape from tedium
kind enough to drop by hoping for a little top up of the BB wit, I am gallivanting on a flugeldumplingbinding trip to NY.

I do miss you all, but I'll be back soonish!




Planethalder said...

Hope you find time to shop shop shop!

Lola Is Beauty said...

what! so jealous of your jetsetting ways, mine are sadly lacking at the mo. Ho hum, off to read more blogs...

Bombay Beauty said...

PH -- Alas I blew my entire shopping budget at Postcard Tea -- you know on what! More on this wonderful folly soon.

LIB -- I know there's always glam in the life of LIB and her mum. (By the way, do you feel like her mum, her sister, her BFF?)



Lola Is Beauty said...

I am very definitely maaammmmaaaa

la femme said...

have a wonderful time!

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