Sunday, March 30, 2008

Covering the clichés


Through the airport in minutes, like clockwork.

Bought chocolates.

Took the train from the airport to where I was heading.

Train left exactly on time and arrived exactly on time.

Had my first appointment, with a colleague, opposite the train station. I had promised to be there at 9 pm and was there exactly on time. She didn't notice, took it for granted.

Breakfast: ate some (a lot) of cheese.

Some guilt at the large breakfast. Saw some steps leading up the side of the hill:

Climbed them (because they were there, naturally). Not a spectacular view, but did enjoy the clean air on top.

(And my calves still pinch when I walk after going down these stairs...)

Spend the day flugelbinding. Caught the train to my next destination.

Goodbye Switzerland.


P.S. I do love the Swiss railway clocks, which is what this is though it's hard to see...


Doc said...

Hey, you forgot the cuckoo clocks. You've got to love those twittering birds... Doc

Bombay Beauty said...

I didn't forget, but never saw one in my time there. (I'm told they are more German). Also missed were bankers. Didn't see a one. BB

Anonymous said...

And you forgot BANKS!! Did you deposit large amounts of cash, or change useless US dollars with safer swiss francs???!! ;)

Anonymous said...

ooops... just noticed you mentioned bankers... but that's a little white lie, isn't it? :)

Bombay Beauty said...

It's true... There was the inner banker in me peeking out, but other than me didn't see much of that. Wonder where they were all hiding? BB

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