Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last night, at last

Last night, at last, I made it up to the High Line, the elevated freight line that was built in the 1930s abandoned around 1980 and has recently been converted into an elevated urban park. I know I wasn't at all original in looking up at the High Line snaking its way from the Meat Packing District up to the 30s, wishing I could find someway to sneak up. Because in the decade after beign abandoned it came to be colonized by plant life -- native grasses took over and if you looked down on it from a nearby building it looked like a ribbon-field running through the city.

The new renovation has kept that feel to it, and the native grasses, just streamlining things and making connections to new builds and creating entry points.

I only had my cellphone camera with me and caught these two pics:

What was going on in there, we were meant to wonder and we did...


1 comment:

If Jane said...

heheheh well now i am totally wondering!
but i love roof gardens...i do.. ;))

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