Monday, January 7, 2008

Very annoying commentary (or Monkeys in the funhouse)

With New Year's resolutions come New Year's confessions. Here's my first of 2008. I've been defrosting. Not food from the freezer. (I'm just not organized enough to freeze in the first place). But blog posts. (Gasp!)

The New Year is rolling along, indeed probably already more appropriately the new year, and my head isn't quite in the game. So I've been putting out entries that I wrote earlier but for some reason or another never posted (actually, today's is the second).

I'm back at the wheel of the flugelbindery now, so I'm hoping soon there will be new stories to tell.

In the meanwhile, here's something I wrote a while back. The commentary seems rather annoying, so you can just ignore it and look at the fun pictures.



* * *

Title: Monkeys in the funhouse

OK, I admit it. That's the meanest thing I have ever written. But in fairness, I'm included myself among the monkeys. It's really more attributing malicious intention to the creators of Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern and the artists who exhibit there. They are taking cruel pleasure in creating displays for us to huddle around, to pod, poke, and explore, exactly as if the zookeepers had put a new toy in the enclosure.

OK, I admit it wasn't that bad: Oooo, here it comes the crack:

Notice how everyone huddles around it, like a beached whale.
Some of the brave even look it in the eye, some even braver test its depths:

Just give me ahhhrt. Boring art.


P.S. I promise to be more generous and fun-filled next time...

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Doc said...

No need to be embarrassed. Between frozen solid and soft as mush is purely a matter of the right temperature. doc

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