Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Political commentary? What has this blog come to? (To what has this blog come?)

Well, not really. I was fascinating reading this morning of Hilary Clinton's win in the New Hampshire primary that everyone emphasized her emotional moment at a press conference in a coffee shop in NH, how it galvanized women voters by showing her emotional side. A uniquely American spectacle, so here it is:

Did you see emotions there? I suppose compared to her normally steely exterior, yes, barely. But it seems far too overblown. In America's need for the confessional, they are will to take even this! Where was the tearful confession of indiscretion? Where was the religious vision? Where was the revelation of abuse as a child? Having said that, it was her voice that I found most interesting. Normally, hard and confident, it did finally sound like she was speaking rather than reciting some memorized speech.

I'm heading down to the nearest Starbucks to see if anyone wants to interview me and give me my Hilary moment.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh how right you are about the "confessional"....but with that said, even though i am not american nor a fan of ms. clinton...she was talking in this case rather than "speeching" (ok my new! heh). i hope someone interviews you in starbucks..:)

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