Thursday, January 3, 2008

Before / after: Attack of the mushroom mound

It started innocently enough, with the desire to cook a mushroom ragout for 6-9 people. So I doubled the recipe that could feed 4-6 people. I had never seen what 2 kg of mushrooms look like, here it is:

Intimidating and impressive. That's my 10-person paella pan filled to the brim. But the alchemy of the fire again takes over, and after 90 minutes it looks like this:

It was (thanks Mark Bittman) delicious, but still enough to feed 14 people. Since I only had 4 for dinner, if you would like any mushroom ragout drop me a line and I'll send you some in the post.



P.S. Another excellent blogging theme stolen from my friend Lola.


Lola Is Beauty said...

hey, you are back! I recognise that soup...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year BB! If you pass by the East Village, keep the mushroom ragout on the DL, unless you want to attract a certain high(-flying) crowd...Just a mushroom thought.

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