Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confirming my existence or A spot of (computer) trouble

Dear Reader(s),

I really don't want to cash in my computer trouble chip just yet. I've been on the road a lot the last weeks and have also truthfully not felt inspired. Not by life, but by my own insights on it.

In the middle of it all, I did have a panic moment when my computer screen turned grey and emitted three loud beeps (so precise these Macs even when in distress). But after 300 quid and some panic, I'm back on the road.

I've even managed to do some interesting things (went to the London Art Fair a few weeks ago), cooked a fantastic sweet potato and cauliflower soup in a saffron broth, and heard some good music. But the keys just weren't clicking... What can I say?

I will rededicate myself to logging the mundanities (this is apparently not a word, but I do like it) of my life.




Mshrm said...

Sorry for all of the dismay... Was traveling make the life less inspiring, or it was the lack of inspirations from where you were made you travel?

Planethalder said...

Good to have you (temporarily) back BB. If not inspired to write your insights then at least list what you are doing - no commentary needed. I do that alot when I have no energy but would like to outline (as a reminder to myself more than anyone) what I am doing.

Bombay Beauty said...

mshrm - thanks! i almost felt as though my child had been taken into intensive care but she pulled through nicely! do you think it might be seasonal? all the good cheer of december gives way to some blahs of january, and all i (not so) secretly wish for is spring?

planethalder - i love your lists! but then you do such interesting things. we often hang out in the same area so your lists are often like my time out guide!



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