Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday lunch box, Naples

I have no nostalgia for the lunch box. Lunch hour at school was a difficult experience for me. I was a finicky eater and was usually stuck with food that I didn't really like (Is it really my fault though? Is Havarti really the best cheese for a child's lunch box?) or that I liked but that was so bizarre that the other kids made fun of me (I recall one really great day when my mother gave up and gave me a piece of cake for lunch -- I realize now that my classmates were probably jealous, but that's not the way it came across then -- and in case you are worrying about my health -- don't -- my mother did that only once).

In any case, here at the Flugelbindery in Naples we have a pretty basic cafeteria. But basic in Naples includes at least three freshly cooked contorni and fresh mozzarella on offer. Oh, and a coffee bar manned by Pepe (who smokes while he draws the coffee and who is constantly rolling up the sleeves of his half-sleeved t-shirt even further, but I digress).

But one of the boys (ok - I mean older gentlemen) brought in some nice pasta and an apple for lunch. So I got to thinking, perhaps I should bring my own lunch with me. You have Exhibit A above: olives, arugula, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella (hidden underneath, you can't see it), olive oil that put at at the bottom of one of the cups, a piece of bread, and in the bag a small little cake).

My mother doesn't read my blog, but you can bet that I'm going to send her this picture!




If Jane said...

heheh fabulous!

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

This will make you jealous: The other day I had a tuna melt from Costa, then later a "ham" and "cheese" (both being questionable as to their authenticity) panino at Starbucks. Last night I had a Tesco's readymade fish pie for supper while watching Jamie Oliver cooking chorizo in Andalucia. See what you're missing in London?

Bombay Beauty said...

Jane - isn't it a still life waiting to be painted?

Claire - I am jealous because you could wash it down with a pint and no one would look askance!



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