Friday, May 21, 2010

Slowing down, speeding up

The whole idea of accepting the assignment in Naples was to slow down a bit. When I'm in Bos-NY, the days spin by so quickly, with work and then getting home (whichever one that is) and then keeping myself busy. Here I imagined I would stop to smell the flowers while nibbling on some cheese and sipping white wine, if you'll pardon that very badly mixed image (especially since Italians don't really believe in food on the move -- standing at a bar yes, moving no). I have actually managed two of those three, but that's another story.

(But can't resist one of those stories. My neighborhood cremeria gets mozzarella from Avellino every morning. And I'm not being a snob here or anything, but truly it tastes heavenly just for the day. Even the next day the flavor diminishes.)

But slow down? Not really. Here it seems as though are blowing by. I've met friends, seen art, worked hard, had fun, but not really slowed down. Perhaps that's just not meant to be me?

Well, I leave you with two images then from a recent exhibition I went to by Mat Collishaw. Any guess what these are? I'll tell you below...

It is a lithograph on Corian...


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