Saturday, May 1, 2010

This morning in Naples

Cappuccino 1.30 Euros
Cornetto con crema 1.00 Euros
1 glass water gratis
Total 2.30 Euros


P.S. Approximatley US$ 3.05. Starbucks, where is thy sting? Dunkin Donuts, where is thy glory?

P.P.S. When I first started the blog, way back when (oh, it's been a while), I intended this to be a regular feature. Only my second installment. Let's see if I can do a few more while I'm here.


If Jane said...

oh wow....and i am sure it tastes fabulous and you have the best scenery!
yes i am leaning towards jealousy!

howler said...

aaah i wish you had told me - i'm planning a naples trip myself, we could have had a culinary jaunt!

Bombay Beauty said...

that's a pity howlerji... still here for a bit and easyjet beckons.... bb

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