Friday, February 8, 2008

Nobel prize nominees (several months too late)

Is there a Nobel prize in wellbeing? Or instead can a chocolate maker qualify to win the Peace Prize? If so (and why not?) then I believe these are the nominees.

I've previously written about the awards for "loo of the year", but this something at a different level altogether. Have you tried these before? As you would expect, they first came to me in a contraband shipment from Europe when I was living in New York and I was recently updated by another contraband shipment here in London. You look at the package and think, what an absurd idea, trying to capture a dessert in a chocolate bar. Why not let dessert be dessert, and chocolate be chocolate? Two families, both happy. But the genius is that they do.

You bite into the the thick square and you are suddenly awash with the unctuous taste of the crème and then after a moment the cruch of the brûlée bit. That's it! They have really captured it and wrapped it in a bar!

The geniuses who created this are clearly capable of magic. Why don't they create an inspiration bar, or just quit messing around and create a bliss bar? Oh, of course, that's what they've already done.



P.S. Here in London I have regular access only to the crème brûlée and tiramisu flavors. I tried the lemon tart in the aforementioned contraband shipment. But if anyone wants to ship me the chocolate tart and macarons (gasp.... sigh...) then you'll earn my eternal gratitude.


Anonymous said...

That's true! Those two (macaron and chocolate tart) I now think are nothing short of a metropolitan legend. Can you actually prove they exist??

Bombay Beauty said...

There is no proof, but many conspiracy theories. And you know what I think about conspiracies! (True -- all true....) xoxo BB

Lola Is Beauty said...

ooh, lemon! any of them...who's your dealer? eh?

Bombay Beauty said...

After some posting, I've established that all 5 are available in France. The answer is clear: we need to organize a relief effort. One brave soul must sacrifice her or his safety, cross the Channel, and bring back several crates. Volunteers?


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