Monday, February 11, 2008

An early spring

I was in detox mode. No not from that, nor that, but the other stuff, you know? The only thing I could bring myself to do was walk. I walked to Hampstead Heath, and then walked on the the heath (coming from a place that doesn't have too many heaths, this is still pretty exciting -- these English place names, heaths and moors, and whatnot).

I thought this would be a PH style this-weekend-I post, but I realized I didn't quite have the style or substance for it: This weekend I watched all of 24 (season 3). This weekend I drank a good bottle of wine (oops, there's one wagon I fell off). This weekend I cooked soup (sweet potato and cauliflower, from a book by Peter Gorden) and polished it off whilst polishing off the aforementioned 24 (season 3). I slept early, but slept badly, having caught a cold (was it wandering the heath? or was it from a girl at Godiva who cheerful announced the she had a cold while offering me a chocolate to taste -- I took it anyway).

But there was that walk on the health. My eyes felt heavy, the air pleasant, but laced with just enough cool to keep you balanced between alert and drowsy.

It was sort of like this:



Planethalder said...

Snap - I too have a cold and as someone who rarely has colds I am making everyone's life a misery :-(

Bombay Beauty said...

I've been triumphant so far as those around me fell sick. It's so much easier when you're in NY and you order up the world to your door. Either that or perhaps head back to Mumbai for some maternal tlc... BB

Mónica Lice said...

I really enjoy your blog! Great material!

Kisses from Portugal!

Bombay Beauty said...

Mónica, thanks so much! Wish I could read your blog, but can't read Portuguese! BB

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