Friday, June 15, 2007

So I was in New York last weekend

It's a bit like meeting the ex. There's various things you might feel: nostalgia, anger, loss, desire, revulsion. So I was in New York last weekend and did not feel any of these. Instead, what I felt was a sense of exotic beauty that I have previously associated with visits to Paris or Venice. The feeling that it's unique, wonderful, magical. For me, it's a moment in which all my senses seem to click and pass on a tingling sensation to my brain: a slightly warm, humid breeze; the smell of pollution and garbage; cars shooting down the street; pedestrians crossing in every direction; little shops, not all elegant, but all ready to trade. It felt claustrophobic, which was also why it felt cozy. All this on the rather undistinguished block where I live.

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Lola Is Beauty said...

the first time I went to NY I was shocked because no one had ever said it was beautiful and I found that it was - looking all the way down 5th ave early in the morning, just a few taxis and that steam rising from the manhole covers or whatever they're called there - oh wait, that's the opening shot of breakfast at tiffs! - anyway maybe it's the shock of beauty in a city like NY - or London.

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