Friday, December 3, 2010

Super sad true love story

Every returning New Yorker asks the question: Is this still my city?

I have a ready answer, cloaked in obstinate despair: It is.

And if it's not, I will love it all the more. I will love it to the point where it becomes mine again.

*           *             *

We were walking hand in hand now along the vast grassy Sheep Meadow, which felt comfortable and familial, like a worn rumpus-room carpet or a badly made bed. Beyond it, on three sides, lay the constellation of once-tall buildings, the old ones mansard-topped and stoic, the new ones covered with blinking information.

*           *             *

Gray clouds bearing some kind of industrial remnant moved into the foreground; a yellow substance etched itself into the horizon, became the horizon, became the night. As the sky darkened, we found ourselves enclosed on three sides by the excess of our civilization, yet the ground beneath our feet was soft and green, and behind us lay a hill bearing trees as small as ponies. We walked in silence...

*           *             *

It was time to leave. We headed south, and when the trees ran out the park handed us over to the city. We surrendered to a skyscraper with a green mansard roof and two stark chimneys. New York exploded all around us, people hawking, buying, demanding, streaming. The city's density caught me unprepared, and I reeled from its imposition, its alcoholic fumes, its hubris, its loud, dying wealth....

-- from Super sad true love story: a novel, by Gary Shteyngart


Jude said...

You totally hit the nail on the head with that NYC question. I seems, lucky for us, that even as NYC evolves (your favourite corner deli is gone, or the old bookshop), it will never stop being it's essential self. I always hope that'll be true for anyone who loves the place the way they'd love a person (might be going to far, but that's how I feel about it sometimes!)

Style, She Wrote said...

Beautiful and poignant.

If Jane said...

much to ponder...;))

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Very nice- I will look that author up!

the chirpy bird said...

Ohhh I love this! I want more now!
xox tash

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