Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A life without Blogger, Facebook, and Google

A bit like that Christmastime classic, It's a Wonderful Life, one sometimes wonders what life would be like if some small, seemingly inconsequential detail were changed. What, for example, would life be like without Blogger, Facebook, and Google?

I got to run this little experiment during my week in China, since these three sites are blocked there. The middle of three seems the easiest to do without. After all, you can still e-mail your friends. The last was a handicap certainly. And the first -- outright painful! Yes, dear friends, I missed you all! And not only that, but I missed myself, if you know what I mean (and I know you all do): the act of writing is not only expression, but also creation. Describing what we see or feel, our musings, helps them take shape, forces a cloud of possibilities and probabilities to condense into a particular form.

Hope you are all easing into the holidays nicely. Look forward to catching up on some missed blog reading and writing soon!



Changed planes in SF yesterday. This was the view. Almost makes an 11 hour flight worthwhile!


Jude said...

Welcome back! That photo is absolutely wonderful (yes, sort of makes up for the long flight :)). How incredible that *all* 3 things are unavailable in China - yikes! I actually don't have Facebook so I'm with you on not missing that, but I was MIA from blogger last week without access to internet...I strangely missed it.

So glad you arrived back safe and hope the holiday week treats you kindly! :)

If Jane said...

oh honey i feel your pain!
i was without a mobile phone for 4 days
and ...gasp...
can i say was suffering? ;))


Bombay Beauty said...

Jude - many thanks - yes it was strange - i realized how much take these for granted...

Jane - three days without a mobie, there's got to be a story here!



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