Monday, November 1, 2010

You decide (7)

Cute urbanites, annoying overachievers, or just another New York couple?

Kenneth Dickerman for The New York Times

For the full details, you can read the article here. But the gist (liberally drawn from the NYT article) is as follows:

Emily Nemens, the communications director for the Center for Architecture/AIA NY:
  • Age 27,
  • Was writer-in-residence at the Kerouac Project in Orlando, Fla., where she completed a short-story collection called “Scrub.”
  • She contributed to a graphic novel version of Studs Terkel’s “Working,”
  • Played the baritone saxophone at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, twice
  • She paints, she sews, she plays soccer and she is a virtuoso cook.

Benjamin Shuldiner.
  • Age 33,
  • Became the state’s youngest high school principal seven years ago at age 26 when he co-founded the Crown Heights High School for Public Service.
  • Ran for Congress in a district north of New York City, where his family lives, coming in third in the Democratic primary.
  • Was a junior state chess champion.
  • As a student at Harvard, the host of his own hip-hop radio show.
  • He’s also an ace marksman with a light rifle.

Emily and Benjamin decided to live together, but preferred to rent two apartments right across the hall from each other, "spaces so close that the two of them can dart back and forth in their underwear with little fear of being seen by the neighbors". Their apartments are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right near the trendy Bedford Avenue L-train stop. They spend most weekends at Benjamin's three-bedroom house in Mohegan Colony in northern Westchester County.




Jude said...

Oh my, what can I say other than I seem to have known soo many people like that, especially in the period about 5 or so years post college! I do admire their philosophy about keeping separate spaces, and even if they're a bit too painfully urbanite-y, there's lots to admire :)

Btw, I watched Gaslight some years ago and thought it was fantastic! It's always been a favorite of mine when I have to name "desert island" movies.

MarchMusings said...

Note to self: Avoid couples like this one to save myself from deep depression !! Seriously. They live together in 2 separate apartments?

Anonymous said...

let me think... annoying overachievers maybe? i'm writhing in shame for my rather obvious jealousy.

Bombay Beauty said...

Jude - Indeed, much to admire, but...

MM and Mia - also agree with you, this can be bad for the self-esteem...



Jude said...

Just popped in to say I adored the Tunnock link - their website design reminds me a bit of Marmite's:

Btw, these comments are hilarious :)

the chirpy bird said...

hmmm I don't know... All I can say is that different things work for different people.. Would it work for me? I'm not so sure... If I didn't have my own office or a place that was mine and each apartment was super small, then maybe...? What I do enjoy is creating a home WITH someone.. I like seeing spaces reflect the two different people lives merging.. but hey, that's just me! If they're happy, all the more power too them! We need as many happy people on the planet as we can get!
xox tash

If Jane said...

oh i don't know...??? ;))

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Gag- I could never live in such perfection-
Way too lazy for this type of lifestyle.

Bombay Beauty said...

Jude - many thanks - hilarious site for marmite!

Chirpy bird - indeed, it's the mixing of styles that is fun - this is certainly an example of how urban living leads to strange adaptations!

Jane - I'm ambivalent too, as you can see...

Ren - They are the kind of over-achievers who I admire, but who make me feel lazy!

xo bb

Jude said...

P.S. Heehee, I still need to tune into the new Hawaii 5-0! But your comment did make me feel like catching some of the old on YouTube :)

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Annoying overachievers = yes I'm afraid so. Separate apartments right next to each other = the only way. Anyway, one apartment wouldn't be big enough to contain all that type A ness.

Mary R said...

I love this! I would say cute couple, but obviously with pizazz and something special. I noticed her brown boots with the black dress, which is a unique combination, her hair was funky, and the guy with his colorful tie looks dashing.

Do more of these, please!

Style, She Wrote said...

I read this article a few weeks ago and thought it was such a great idea!!

Bombay Beauty said...

Jude - the old one is so much better, but still Hawaii is Hawaii!

Claire - I know, but they mix it with a certain sincerity...

Mary - indeed, there's a lot of little details about these folks that make them interesting

SSW - a great idea - i find the idea of literally compartmentalizing one's life strangely appealing...



mylifereinvented said...

Wow. I'm all for having a separate space, some place to call your own, but it needs to be in the same apartment.

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