Thursday, April 22, 2010

The other half (or Boy/girl about town)

I've recently and persistently been telling my Kvetch Committee, "I want to be be a boy/girl about town." Well, some background is required for this.

First, I have a kvetch committee. Don't you? If you don't, you need to get one. After all, one must share one's petty complaints with someone on a regular basis. But any one person would be overwhelmed. Hence form a committee.

Second, yes, I really would be happy being either a boy or girl about town, as these are often different but can overlap. A boy about town is nicely dressed (either casual or preppy - I'm fine with either) and not doing much (strolling through the park, sitting sipping white wine or an espresso, walking along the street with a folded newspaper or some other not too bulky accessory).

A girl about town comes in many varieties: with child or without (and within with-child the two variants: one's own or someone else's); young or not so young (and note here, un/fortunately age is not a factor in making you a boy about town - young and old seem to do it in the same way; for women it does seem to affect what how they go about it -- but don't worry in my books young doesn't stop at any particular age -- it's more a mater of attitude).

So getting back to the girls about town. The ones with their own babies have that look of dressed-down luxury, and as the day proceeds tend to have more and more packages piled up on their strollers. The ones with other people's babies look a little bit busier (after all, they are working). The younger girls about town are usually doing something: window shopping, sitting and reading, chatting with a friend. And I must confess, I haven't yet figured out what older girls about town are up to.

And working back to my complaint. Now that it's spring, I've been whining that I want to be a boy/girl about town. But the only occasions I can find are to run errands around town. Don't get me wrong - so lovely to walk across the park on the way to some work, or bicycle along the river. But it's that I want to be one of those boys/girls about town (see above), not someone out running errands.

So I was out today to get my suitcase repaired for an upcoming trip (for an upcoming trip!) I had to cab it over there, but decided to walk back across the Upper East Side and through the park. And there they were, that not so rare species of boy/girl about town, sipping their coffees, looking leisurely and fabulous, tall and lean.

One day, I said to myself, I too will be a boy/girl about town. That day, I hope is this today. An update next time!



If Jane said...

oh...!!! (actually i don't know what the older girl does either)...but i think an important note--inorder to be a good uptown girl or uptown boy...location location location and witnesses...;))

Bombay Beauty said...

You're right must take my camera with me.... bb

Anonymous said...

A kvetch committee!
After having looked up the meaning of "kvetch", I can say what a wonderful idea! So you can moan in a confined and safe environment without sounding like a bore, and for the rest of the time be as charming as can be.
Is there a meeting place? A dedicated blog or something?
much love,

Bombay Beauty said...

Yes Mia, that's it! You moan to your committee but at other times look completely normal. I'm sure in ancient times there was a columned temple dedicated to this activity, but these days you should use all the technology you can. In many ways, phone is ideal since the committee member you're hitting up can do other things while sounding interested in your complaints!

And while I've got your ear, may I complain about the rain here?


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

I'll be your kvetch committee leader (oh and two of your commenters are already in mine anyway, knowingly or not!) I must stop kvetching actually, and concentrate on being a young/old girl about town. I find bicycles help to achieve the pootling around effect you may be after...

Bombay Beauty said...

Excellent idea on the bicycle -- this is an ideal accessory for the about-town thing.... xo BB

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