Friday, April 2, 2010

It felt good...

  • Spring has finally arrived in New York. Everyone is smiling. It feels good.
  • After the time change and in spring and summer, I have direct light streaming into my apartment at 8 am. But I'm an early riser so this is not a problem. In fact, it felt good.
  • Last night sat on Boat Basin Cafe's terrace overlooking the river and having a (veggie) burger and beer. It felt good.
  • Went to gelateria Grom and had their extra-dark chocolate ice cream. It's the closest ice cream has ever come to actually being chocolate. It felt good.
  • Ran a few errands on my bicycle today. It was sunny and the breeze was cool. It felt good.
  • Bought my first bottle of rosĂ© wine for this season. It felt good.
  • Will drink (part of) it tonight. It will feel good.


Anonymous said...

What an idyllic post, just reading it... feels good!
Great to know that you have a Grom gelateria close at hand, try dark chocolate coupled with raspberry sorbet, or the "nuvola di caffè" (coffee granita + layers of fresh cream: heaven in a cup).

Vinteuil said...

you know what might also feel good? Hamlet at the Met this Monday for free. My friend is singing and might have some comps. Let me know if you're interested!

If Jane said...

oh yes and seemingly spring/early summer has arrived here as well!! (oh had this nice white from bordeaux last weekend...)great post!!

Bombay Beauty said...

Many thanks all... The good feelings continue here in NYC! Where you are too, I hope! bb

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