Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Louis Kahn

And before I lose my wifi connection, a few pics of the the IIM campus designed by Louis Kahn. I haven't seen too many of his buildings. I had mixed feelings about the film My Architect, a documentary made by Kahn's son in which he comes to terms with his father's architecture and personal life (turns out that Kahn had two families and that neither knew of the other until Louis Kahn died...) Leaaving the personal angle aside, the buildings were lovely. It's a modernism that rises from the earth rather than being like a UFO landing from outerspace... It fits its place and purpose without needing any shallow tokens of Indianism or modernism. Must make it a point to see more of Kahn's work...

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If Jane said...

oh it seems just amazing...and wonderully simple! "it's a modernism taht rises from the earth..." love that!

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