Friday, November 27, 2009

Seven of my favorite things

Jane, over at her lovely blog The Nearness of Distance, tagged me to list seven of my favorite things. Oh! so many ways I could with this. Big, broad concepts and categories, or super-micro specifics. I'm enjoying thinking about this list so much, I might do 7 seven lists! But here's a first crack:
  1. I love hazelnut ice cream, often accompanied with pistachio. I'm easily swayed by other flavors (had a heady babĂ -al-rhum over the summer in Italy -- I had to have it every night I was in town...), but I always come back to my true (ice cream) love, hazelnut.
  2. I do love Champagne. It's a recent love. Of course, I would always drink it on those special occasions - New Year's, weddings - but in London I discovered as an everyday going-out drink. It's not that I uncork a bottle at home (though I should! and I recently came upon a stash of superbly priced half-bottles...), but if I'm in that situation of having a drink before dinner, rather than a glass of white wine or an American cocktail, I find myself asking for Champagne. I know the French will shudder, but even a Champagne cocktail makes happy.
  3. Puris and shrikhand are one of my favorites since I was a child. Puris are a Indian bread, which is deep fried until it puffs up and becomes crispy. And they are incomparable when you get them straight from the frying pan. Well made, they are not too oily. You eat them with whatever is in your plate, but if you happen to have shrikhand, then -- joy! Shrikhand is Maharashtrian and Gujarati dessert made from strained yogurt and flavored with safron. It is the alchemy of simplicity. That's it, but what a combination -- and then if you have the puris you are truly set for bliss.
  4. Carnegie Hall is one of my 3 favorite places in New York, and thus by extension the world. This is my way of including classical music -- I was tempted to pick a favorite recording or performer, but next time. Right now I would like to savor the thought of being enveloped in the hall's generous acoustic. It's the kind of place that involves you in the music. There's no sitting back with analytic distance. Even at the back of the hall, the music reaches up to your ear.
  5. I love Room 56 at the National Gallery in London. When I have only a few hours in London, then I'll stop in here.
  6. I love walking in cities. I'm an active person - I used to run, and still do versions of this on the modern torture machines. I drive, a fast car, carefully. But really my favorite method of locomotion is walking. And my favorite place to do it is in a city. Any city will do, but hopefully some place with an interesting street life. It doesn't have to beautiful, but that is fine too.
  7. And why not admit..




Lola Is Beauty said...

you're fast! I too, am having the sweeping vs micro dilemma

If Jane said...

clap clap clap...(ok i am standing now!!! heheh)...
oh brilliant!! and i too recently discovered the fabulousness of champagne as more than just "we drink it only for special occasions" drink...really isn't everyday a celebration! ;))

Bombay Beauty said...

lola - go with stream of consciousness....

jane... that's the spirit... speaking of which i'm off to celebrate friday nov 27th!


drooga said...

why not combine the champagne with the shrikhand and puri?!

btw, i was going to compliment you for crediting both the gujjus and the ghatis for shrikhand - and then i remembered you are both!

anyway, well done.

Sneaky Magpie said...

The Arnolfini Portrait is a painting I keep coming back to....and hazelnut ice cream is delish!

Bombay Beauty said...

Howlerji - Indeed, these are delicate cultural minefields -- but one thing we can all agree upon!

Sneaky Magpie -- indeed, that painting is the centerpiece of that incredible room...


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