Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's August. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it...

Ah, the month is marching along, left -right, left-right (or do I mean left-left-left-right-left... there must be some official military way of doing these things, no?) so quickly, so quickly. If I can continue my usual habit of mixing metaphors here, the sand has reach that point when suddenly it all falls through the hour glass. Hmmm, while my tan has been improving, my writing not...

Since words aren't quite working, here's a few snippets of the last few weeks:

* How BB tans in the summer. Normally, I don't, endowed as I am with the benefits of a naturally tinted skin. But did pick up quite a tan while earning my motorcycle license, 6 hours a day on the "range" (a road range, sandwiched between an incineration plan and low-security prison). This probably deserves further comment. See next point.

* Mid-life crisis not in progress: really, I am planning much better things for a mid-life crisis. Just thought it would be a good thing to know. After all, who knows when you might have to ride on the back of someone's chopper?

* Road trip: Up to Beacon, NY, which all of you who will be in NYC but who haven't don't it must do, to see Dia:Beacon. A wonderful museum of conceptual art focusing just on a few artists...

* Opening of the NYC showroom of the Tesla (the first electric car produced in the US).

* And a trip to Italy coming up soon!

Hope the congé is going wonderfully for all of you!



On the inside looking out, on the outside looking in...

On the way to Beacon, NY


If Jane said...

wow wow wow!!!! all is forgiven..i you haven't written it is because you have lived life! good on you!! motorcyles huh?! i am impressed...(i do want a vespa! i've always wanted a vespa...) travelling, tesla and art...all sounds great...and i love that you allowed yourself some sun...(i have olive i just say the word "sun" and hoards! yes i shall say hoards of people are impressed...;)) oh and what is this talk o a mid-life crisis???

Bombay Beauty said...

Thinking ahead, Jane, thinking ahead... It will come. But save up some really good stuff for when the midlife crisis is upon you! BB

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