Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shocking confessions! I'm in love with the Queen... and Carla Bruni... (gasp)

Immediately exploiting the liberty of my new home, let me start off with some shocking confessions: I'm in love with the Queen, QE2 (oops I mean E2R), the Queen of England no less, and Carla Bruni. All right then, not in love, but in deep admiration. It's true my parents would disown me, and my brother (yes, I do have one of those... Hello! Are you reading?) would roundly criticize me for this admiration of the scion of the family that thrice colonized me. But...

I was watching The Monarchy on PBS (America's version of the Beeb...) and there was this behind the scenes view of how the Queen handles state visits. And you have to say, she is one cool customer. With that same sense of self-depreciating humor that I found in all the British girls I met, and tried to match (like a dalmation tries to match with Zebras, if that image makes any sense...) How I loved making fun of myself, in that off-hand kind of way, and what do you know? Even the Queen does it!

And CB1, Carla Bruni the 1st. I watched her interviewed on the The Today Show whilst I was sweating it out (no, it was not a pretty sight) on the Elliptical Trainer this morning at 7. There she was, being asked all the usual, stupid fluffy questions, but simultaneously not taking herself or her questioner too seriously (is it possible Britain and France have something in common, other than the love of Bordeaux?) Of course, she said, I used to say those things, just to make the interviews more entertaining. And who else other than a literal-minded American journalist wouldn't get it?

OK -- enough confessions for one day (more some other day -- promise!)


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Anonymous said...

Oh no, oh no. I can still sort of understand your admiration for Her Majesty (yes, especially the humour thing), but Carla Bruni! Yes, she is certainly beautiful, intelligent, charming and so on and so forth. But -sorry Carla- she does seem one of the most opportunistic, manipulative, shrewd (not a compliment from me) human beings on earth. What about sweet, kind hearted women? Are they so desperately uncool???

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