Monday, November 24, 2008

Love (material and spiritual), continued*

I'm not really an espeically materialistic person. I do love beautiful things, but can afford only a few them. But having moving recently (twice!), and had the chance to refurnish my apartments, I have come to realize that a well designed object, by its very materiality can become something that evokes pleasure, admiration, and even affection. Though perhaps not spiritual per se, a beautiful everyday object helps to evoke a sense of calm in me.

Here are two quick snaps of my Boston apartment. At the back is my table, designed by Gudme in period unknown (1950s is plausible). Not a super-famous designer, a clean expression of the circle in the square. More importantly it plays nicely with my chairs. These are Wegner 3-legged dining chairs. When pushed in, they tuck beautifully under the table. But somehow these chairs remind me of a Picasso goat (no accident that Wegner designed a bull chair with direct inspiration from Picasso).

I have come to love this sofa. It's a George Nelson daybed. They are still made, but none of the new ones have the wonderful floating arm on the left. The armrest tilts to become a headrest in case you're ready for a nap. And behind my bookcases. I had to organize the entire move and apartment around finding place for 80 feet (25 meters) of books. I know people who have more, but I don't know how they manage.

But there is something wonderful in possessing books. Of course the pleasure is not as deep as reading per se, but the physical relationship is different. You look at them, they stare back at you. The spines, the colors, the sizes, the lovely titles that sparkle back at you.

End to my materialistic outburst (for today).



* This post was inspired by a picture of PH's bookcase over on her blog.

P.S. The longer I look at this, the more I think this picture is revealing altogether too much about me! The coffee table is also be Wegner, the canvas chair and footstool are Nii's NY chair.


howler said...

your couch has its back to your books?!

i know of no more peaceful winter evenings than those spent in a mild alcoholic haze in front of the fire gazing at my books.

Bombay Beuaty said...

Hello Howlerji - welcome to the new blog - right you are - I wrestled with this long and hard. But it was a problem with the dimensions of the room -- there was no other way to make things fit - but after all I'm finding that staring at a white wall is its own kind of relaxation! BB

Anonymous said...

loveeeeeeeeee your taste! space...your furniture and books!

Bombay Beuaty said...

Thanks Nancy! BB

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