Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recipe for happiness

Now follow this exactly, or it won't work:

(1) Wake up.
(2) Eat no solids -- liquids allowed -- coffee, tea, water, milk, whatever you need.
(3) Eat no lunch.
(4) Get in a taxi (water taxi for you Venetians) and direct it to the airport (with the words, "Driver, aiport please" if possible).
(5) When you're asked which airline you're flying, respond. "Oh, I don't know, xx sounds nice", where for "xx" you fill in some spot you really want to go to.
(6) Reach airport, get ticket, get through security.
(7) Shop -- I know the selection isn't great, but be more process oriented.
(8) Drink (note, it's pretty much on an empty stomach) -- two glasses of champagne or if good champagne isn't available (i.e., French) then go for a solid shot of your favourite spirit.
(9) Post blog entry about your feelings of elation while waiting for your flight.



Anonymous said...

ah yes....(nod my head in silence) and love what you wrote on Lola's site...

Bombay Beauty said...

Thanks Nancy... Computer in hand, it's easy -- wish I did this more often -- not travel, which is frequent, but carefree travel... BB

Anonymous said...

oooh! where did you go then? I am now writing from my hotel in Vienna, wishing my holiday wasn't approaching the end so quickly...

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