Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trouble sleeping

I've been having trouble sleeping lately, which is just the nearest excuse at hand for my lack of posts over the last week. Normally I'm a good sleeper: 6 hours needed and usually achieved with 6-7 hours in bed. Solidly through the night, into a light sleep early in the morning so I wake up without an alarm most of the time. Isn't life wonderful?

I've already mentioned the birds. Well that singing bird is back, big time. He (she?) is Sinatra (Celine Deon) in Vegas. Really, such sweet song, but at 4.45 am every morning? The other day 4.30!

But what happens these days is that I wake up and look at the clock with those is-it-morning-yet eyes and find it is only 2.00 am! But it seems very bright outside. And when that bird sings, it again seems pretty sunny outside. Does the sun not set in London? Am I being transported to the Arctic Circle while I sleep? Woody Allen couldn't film any late night strolls through London, as he has in New York, at least in this season.

Of course the irony is that in New York, even if it's dark, there are so many things to do at all times of the night. You can sleep, but you don't have to. Here instead, it seems I can't sleep, but wish I could because there's nothing to do after 11 pm. OK, I could go clubbing - but when it's so bright out?

One of these nights I'm just going to get up at 2, dress, and head out for a stroll, and see what it's like. Await future posts.



Manhattan, 59th Street Bridge, 6 am. In Allen's forthcoming Central London this scene will be filmed at 2 am.


S said...

Hi there

I just stumbled upon your blog. I empathise a lot with the sentiment you express re London and NY. I just moved back to London after a year in NY. During my year in NY, I missed London terribly and kept flying back to London for weekends. (I suppose that's why I've moved back!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time in NY. It's a much easier city to like. What with dry-cleaning that gets picked up and dropped off at my building, doormen who greet me familiarly and warmly everytime I come home after a long day, great restaurants within walking distance, more sunshine and not to mention cheap and readily available cabs. It's really tough not to love living in NY!

But really, I am a Londoner at heart. Without me realising it, London creeped into my heart and took posession. This is a city that has some much going for it. I hope you will enjoy your time here, whether or not you end up back in NY.


Bombay Beauty said...

S -- indeed, so much to love about both cities, but both so different. Impossible to choose but necessary since one can't be in both places! Welcome back! BB

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