Monday, April 28, 2008

Fill 'er up

I like the British term for one of these, filling station. It leaves open what exactly you will be filling up on, rather than gas station which leaves nothing to the imagination. It seems natural to me: you take a train, then walk along the coast, till you reach the filling station. Walk to the gas station? Why not? I would like to imagine what flows from the pumps of this station designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937, imagine that it is not gasoline, but inspiration, inspiration for living with functionality, elegance, and style.

Why not walk to the gas station when you can breathe the clean sea air along the way and watch the wind turbines spinning lazily in the distance?

Why not even take a dip in the ocean?

You may live longer and have better circulation, but you will certainly be more alive.



Anonymous said...

With BB, the travel is the journey. Thank you!

Bombay Beauty said...

Thank you . BB

Anonymous said...


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