Monday, November 5, 2007

A quiet night at the movies. Denzel, Naomi, and I.

I swear that I am not a celebrity hound. I truly dislike that word. (Note to self: must invent a new word to convey the same meaning: famous, sometime attractive and often glamorous men and women who party for a living and often behave foolishly in public).

But there I was at the cinema on Friday, just trying to buy a ticket and a small glass of red. But these people wouldn't stop clicking away with their big lenses and powerful flashes. So I turned to looked and saw this:

Seemed a lot like Naomi Campbell and Denzel Washington. Indeed it was. Then they were milling around for a while talking about this and that. I thought of asking for a photo for the boys and girls back at the flugelbindery. But you know I'm the quiet, discreet type. And I have spent several years cultivating disinterested nonchalance. Why blow my cover now?

So then I went up to the film, only accidentally to walk into some sort of Q&A for American Gangster. I never did quite figure out what Naomi C was doing there. I suppose glam types hang out together? There were a lot of other tall, long-legged/muscular, well-tanned, and well-moussed types hanging about.

I just had my crisps and wine and went on my way. Ho hum. I've seen it all. (But still wishing I had asked for that pic!)



Planethalder said...

What was the film like?

Twisted DNA said...

And you let it go like that... if you took a few more pictures and started a rumor that Denzel and Noami are secretly dating and stuff and substantiate your claim with photos.. you could've gotten so famous!

Bombay Beauty said...

PH -- if you believe Denzel and Ridley Scott it's fabulous. But I didn't a chance to see it, just hear the press conference. I did see Eastern Promises, which is pretty good. It has a lot of graphic violence, which was a bit much for me, but more so actually becomes a bit like a horror film at times. Still, not to be ruled out.

T-dna -- good thinking. Must try this next time. I feel - optimistically perhaps - that this is not the last time Naomi, Denzel, and I will confer on love and life!


Lola Is Beauty said...

I really like...oh hang on, Denzel's at the door...

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