Friday, November 16, 2007

Flugelbindery disavowed - new career options

My friend Hannah pointed out to me the other day that flugelbindery (or at least its variant, fluglebindery) was the profession discussed by Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail. Incorrectly, it is referred to as the plastic bit that keeps the ends of the shoelace together. We all know that that that plastic bit is an aglet, and that flugelbindery is the craft of binding flugels together. And some craft it requires too, to render them both beautiful and useful.

I suppose all of you have known this all along but have been too polite to tell me (do I also have spinach in my teeth?). I don't think I can really be in a profession mentioned in any Tom Cruise film. (Unfortunately this rules out not only flugelbindery, but also secret agent, self-help guru, and Nascar race driver. Damn.)

In my own defense, although I have seen the film many years ago, I had forgotten this connection.

Nonetheless, I'm seeking a new profession. I came across some interesting options at the Biennale in Venice. Let me know if you think any of them are suitable.



(See if you can match each image to the profession: accounting, managment, production, public relations, and reception.)

(Check the comments for the answer.)


Bombay Beauty said...

In order: management, accounting, production, reception, and public relations.

Doc said...

Personally, I see you in a green dress... I mean management. Doc

Lola Is Beauty said...

I ONLY know flugelbinding/flugelbindery/flugelbinder from Cocktail...I learnt everything I know from that film...

Bombay Beauty said...

Disastrous! Worse than I feared... BB

Anonymous said...

er, is that spinach in your teeth? (har har)

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