Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wherein the author addresses the purpose of this blog

Blogging has become quite the thing these days, at least among those for whom it is the thing. (If this were a novel, then this would surely become famous as one of the worst opening lines ever. )

Second attempt. It was a grey day, overcast, with the constant threat of rain, much like the previous day, and the day before.

Third attempt. It was my first day in London. Nostalgia isn't really my thing. Though I wasn't aching for New York, it was nonetheless always in my mind, hovering like a song you can't get out of your head, the constant reference point for each of my actions. Remember, look left, not right when you cross the street. (Not so hard to remember given that they paint it on the street.)

I happened to look at a red phone booth, a typical sight in London.

And of course without going in, could well imagine what I would find inside.

The New York phone booth instead isn't even a booth. It's telephone. Sometimes there's a canopy over it. Sometimes there is a phone attached, but not always. But they are invariably grimy. Putting one to your ear is worse than using the facilities/ loo (dual terminology is going to be a bit of a burden) at a train station. What you see is pretty much what you get.
And this was the kernel of the blog. To share with friends the small moments of being new in London. Often the moments that give color to the day are exactly those you wouldn't trouble your friends with over e-mail or the telephone, but add a bit of texture (and occasionally consternation) to the day.

So dear friends, let us take this path and see where it leads us.


Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh! Lovely to see you've taken the plunge - and with photographic evidence to back up your very first post. This is impressive. As for the dual terminology, depending which city you happen to be in you could use the local lingo but link to some kind of transatlantic babelfish thingy if such a thing exists. The phrase "wash up" always gets me.

Anonymous said...

...for those unfortunates not familiar with London I feel the need for some balance...the weather is not always grey and it does not always rain. On the contrary, the sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play!

Bombay Beauty said...

Dear Anon, Right you are, of course. Indeed, it's not always grey. It's just that it is usually grey! Punctuated by some quite nice sunshine, for which one expresses one's gratitude by saying something like "Brilliant weather". Just a newcomer's perspective of course! Feel free to correct me when I cross the line. Cheers and thanks for dropping by. BB

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