Friday, January 7, 2011

I should get back to words, but...

I was strolling through Central Park, the snow gone, the leaves many months away, and there was a delicate beauty to the canopy of bare branches.

...sometime images are so compelling.... I'm from a verbal (indeed, perhaps verbose) family, and since around age 14 I've inherited my family's predilection for using words to frame images, to harness emotions, and to play the beautiful game with ideas. This my excuse for the stunting of any visual talents I might have had (though truly, not sure I did).

But over the last few years my brain seems to have rewired itself so that some pathways now directly connect my eyes to my feelings, though some feelings not all, wonder (adbhuta) in particular. This has pushed my travel a little bit toward nature, and not only to looking for spectacular vistas and vastness but also toward intimate nature, cozy ambiguous light that makes things feel close.

And yes it has even begun to allow me to enjoy moments of winter, a season that I used to dread. I'm still not enthusiastic about it, but I can see that it has its moments.




mary R said...

Lovely photo! Like you, I tend to automatically gravitate towards words and need to consciously just let my mind rest on images. It's one of my goals to 2011 to be less talky in my mind and just recognize things without interpreting, judging, etc

If Jane said...

i am not ethusiastic about it either but i do agree that it has it's moments...
sometimes it nice to talk sometimes it's ok not to...;))

Bombay Beauty said...

Mary - many thanks! Indeed, it's good discover another part of the brain!

Jane - well said, 'nough said!



MarchMusings said...

I love the word 'predeliction'. I don't get to use it often! Winter does have it's moments, as you've shown us.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great photo- I agree that photography is such a great expressive art- I too plan to be more mindful this year of taking more photographs!

gayatri said...

That's a fab pic! this pic proves that you certainly do have 'visual' talents as well

Bombay Beauty said...

MM - I'm getting better at enjoying winter, at least in these beautiful moments.

Ren & Gayatri - many thanks indeed!



shopgirl said...

Love the poetic way you wrote this post!

Perfect description of your feelings of winter.


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