Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's happened

It's happened. As always, sooner than expected. Actually, they have happened. I thought I had posted so recently, only to discover that it has been more than a week. And of course the other happening -- already Labor Day, the end of summer, the back to school time that after all these years still stirs various emotions and chemicals in me (sure some excitement, sure some nostalgia for summer, but more than that the slightly queasy anticipation and heightened awareness of someone preparing to head back into battle -- of course these days the battle is continual, but it's Pavlovian conditioning...)

So while I Labor away (ha!), here are a few images for the weekend, a grab bag of summer:

If you're a boy, girl, adult or child heading back to a desk, you might want to pay attention to this man. If you're going to be glued to a desk, it might as well look like this:

Spotted this charming and slightly disturbing pair in a park (Fort Tryon Park) a few weeks ago. It's a bit of an awwww/ ewwww depending on your persepctive:

And a New York summer tradition for me (and incidentally, is it tai chi or tennis? What balance, what strength...)

Another piece of summer I'm going to miss: lunch with fresh ingredients... and at home...

Have a great weekend and see you all soon!




If Jane said...

oh gee whiz...back to teaching...soonish myself...and didn't feel i enjoyed the summer enough! shall have to stretch it...somehow! great photos! at least you are watching tennis! ;))

Bombay Beauty said...

Tennis was great. Dramatic games under dramatic clouds... But agree... must stretch out the summer state of mind somehow... xo bb

Jude said...

Aw, this post made me miss summer already! A lovely one to greet my first day back from loong Labor Day wkd :) Love the choice of photos and I know *exactly* what you mean with the back-to-school Pavlovian response!

Bombay Beauty said...

Jude - but thankfully both of us will wake up today and realize that though the summer is over, there aren't exams on the horizon! bb

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