Monday, February 22, 2010

Cozy moments (Friday night) or hibernation

I hope you had a lovey weekend -- some of us I know did!

It must be a sign of my advancing years, but I spent Friday night at home, without the slightest urge to head out. It was cold out, with the peroration of winter threatening to become a full and unexpurgated volume 2. But fear not, I was not alone...

* * *

Yes, I was shacked up with an American, a French, an Italian, a Swiss, and a bottle of wine.

* * *

Yes, I was shacked up with four pieces of cheese and a bottle of wine.

* * *

I know they say age changes you. And I suppose this is the irrefutable proof: really, I missed nothing. There was soft, runny, and gloriously smelly cheese (an American cheese -- really, the Americans are making some very good cheese these days). There was the always-reliable Gruyere, and the never-modest Ubriaco. And not to leave the French out of it, I had a very satisfying wedge of Tomme de Savoie. The wine was nothing revelatory. Actually, since I'm in confessional mode I'll admit it. I drank one (make that half) of those bottles that someone brings you for a party that you would never buy for yourself or even take to someone's party. But, you know, it wasn't half bad.

* * *

They sometimes say that ageing is learning to make do with less. Sometimes perhaps. But sometimes it is learning to make do with more.


P.S. And it is true that I knew I was going to a speakeasy night on Saturday. Two friends of mine. Twins: composer and architect. And an amateur, evangelical mixologist. For the rest, I am sworn to secrecy.


If Jane said...

oh but as you were not alone...;))
and dooooo need to hear about the speak easy!!!

Bombay Beauty said...

indeed, i had those four pieces of cheese! a reliable and solid (well, sometimes runny, but in a good way) companion ;-)


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