Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where have the last two weeks gone?

It's been one of those fortnights. You look down, and by the time you look up two weeks have passed! Well, I promise to get back to it soon, with some new posts and updates on my new adventures. Right now it has been more about planning a trip that looks something like this: NY-London-Bombay, Bombay-London-Paris-Benelux-German-Switzerland-London-New York. All simple enough, no?

But the complications... Where to stay in Paris? In Paris I've been pretty lucky with cheap, well-located hotels, but do I want to try my luck with something that is approaching 100 Euros a night? Or should I splash out on something nicer? But why? There are so many better ways to spend that kind of money in Paris. Deep questions with no clear answers.

I've been enjoying a few weekends out in the country (which in my lexicon means anywhere outside New York, so for example it includes other metro areas like DC, Philadelphia, and Boston). One could get used to small town living, especially knowing that one will be back in NYC in a few hours...

Hope all your weekends are going well.




Anonymous said...

wow....what an itinerary!
of course when travelling...i prefer the cheap yet clean hotel...since i usally do not spend that much time in the actual room. and yes i do agree money is to be spent on other fabulous things.
;)) love your little jaunts to the country....
ps i shall be in paris as our stays overlap?

Lola Is Beauty said...

BB why don't you stay at hotel du petit moulin in rue de poitou (not far from the other one you mentioned) and take pics of it for me!

Bombay Beauty said...

It looks lovely! Alas double the price of the place I'm now staying... I know I should probably stay at a nicer hotel like the one you suggest, but when you convert everything into things you could have bought (or eaten!) it makes it hard... Will report back to you on how my dive is.... BB

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