Thursday, April 9, 2009

or Magical Mystery Tour
or New York, Why Do I Love Thee...

There is one flight route into Laguardia airport that takes you right over Manhattan. They don't used it often, but if they do, and you happen to be in a window seat on the left side of the aircraft, you're in for a treat. These pictures from back in August were stuck on my phone. Since I'm not in NY this weekend, I'm feeling a touch of NY nostalgia already, and I knew these pictures would warm my heart. Yours too I hope. xoxo BB

You usually cut across midtown... Seen here the UN and the Chrysler Building...

Now we are over Madison Square. You can see the New York Life Insurance Company building (the first gold dome in the center-bottom of the picture), the next golden cupola is the Met Life Tower, and then a little further the Flatiron Building:

Then you're over the Hudson River heading all the way down... You can see César Pelli's World Financial Center buildings, next to which were the World Trade Center buildings:

And by now you're getting a great view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges:

Ahhh... What a view!

And then you swing out a bit getting an expansive view of the island...

... and here Governor's Island:

By now you are over Brooklyn and almost ready to land...


Anonymous said...

haven't flown over ny in ages....but i swear i could hear your voice (as the sound track)....well i you can't be in nyc this enjoy wherever you may be! ;)

Bombay Beauty said...

Many thanks Nancy! xoxo BB

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