Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Puppy love

I've had my car since October 4th - just over two months now - and I'm in love. Fun to be with, modest, not very demanding, stylish but not preening, always brings a smile to your face, nice with your friends and makes them laugh... Wish I were talking about the species homo sapiens sapiens rather than my car...

Yesterday I filled the gas tank for the first time. It cost me about $26.00, even though I splurged on the higher octane fuel (no idea what this means or does, but the idea of "super" sounded, well, super.)

My only problem is the soundtrack... I'm finding that my usual musical tastes don't really match with my car. So if you have any suggestions for music that goes well with a ride in a Mini then please let me know!




Anonymous said...

my i suggest....

my fav song by ratatat is wildcat....;)


howler said...

swing, haydn, early atlantic stuff?

Bombay Beauty said...

Nancy -- Thanks - that sounds like it could work!

Howlerji -- My problem exactly. I find my usual classical selections don't quite work. It has both to do with the car (perky! fun! even cheeky) and the length of my typical ride (15-20 mins max -- hate to slice up a quality piece of classical that way...) Swing - will give this a try. Early Atlantic -- this I don't know -- what's that?

Thanks both --


howler said...

atlantic was a label started by the ertegun bros (yup, they're turks), here's the wikipedia

entry. there's a wonderful collection

that i would urge you to get.


Bombay Beauty said...

Howlerji - many thanks - now I get it (and will!) - For some reason I though you meant early Atlantic folk songs...! BB

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