Thursday, July 3, 2008

Missing (not only) my computer

As I sit down at my computer, I feel immediately at home in this sublet I've taken in New York. It's both surprising and rather obvious. Pictures, music, e-mails, even work -- they're all here.

And I realize why I 've felt stretched so thin lately. The first week away from the computer was great, but by week two, though I was checking e-mails, there was just the comfort of doing all of that in my home computing environment that I missed.

So good to be home at last, at least in computerland.

But still missing everything else...




Planethalder said...

Yey, you're back. If it doesn't compromise your anonymity please do tell us roughly where in NYC you are (LES? Upp West Side, Harlem, Chelsea?) and do post photos. I love New York and would love a second home there one day (you never know). Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

...and in what area are you staying, exactly? how's being back in old NY?
much love,

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