Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Next Big Thing

As I mentioned in
recent posts and comments,
I was in the United States the last week or so, a little bit of flugelbindery on the
go. While there I came upon a brilliant new idea.

Something so innovative, that I'm sure it is going to change city streets around the world. I was so impressed that I have even obtained the exclusive European distribution rights.

So if you are at all interested, and you should be, then ladies
and gentlemen I introduce to you the you-saw-it-here-first

the wooden manhole cover.




Mrs Fashion said...

Velcro, the mobile phone, wooden manhole covers - sheesh!
Thanks for the link,
Mrs F x

Rupa said...

BB, do you think your readers are blind? What's up with the big font?

Wooden manhole covers?Poor trees. One more reason to destroy our forests.

Rupa said...

Ah ha! I get it! The next big thing=big font. Good one!

Bombay Beauty said...

Mrs. F -- indeed, what is the world coming to?

Rupa -- actually, it was to make people scroll down, so that the "punch line" (in this case the picture) came only after the text.


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