Monday, September 17, 2007


I don't know (yet) if this is a hoax, a cult, or just a joke, but regardless I want to join:


Update: Yes, Mia, it's real. I went to Trafalgar Square expecting people singing and dancing and trying to convert me, but there were none. But there was a giant wall of photographs. I must confess I was a bit disappointed, not with the pictures but with the wall. Too much repetition, and but without any fugal or contrapuntal pleasures. Perhaps I was expecting too much. But I'm in touch with a Lola, who is ready to part with hers (after all, cats really don't need Lomos do they?)


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's for real!
So, are you going to get yourself a Lomo?

Bombay Beauty said...

I know, I'm surprised. From the web site I thought it was a cult or joke. I'm thinking Lomo or Leica. As you can see I do not believe in the happy medium! Cheers, BB

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