Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Desolate city (Still here)

Just had one of those blog moments where I lost my entire post...

But just to run down the key ideas:

- I'm still alive.
- I'm not where I should be, but I'll get there soon.
- The city in summer is a desolate place. There are people but everyone looks vaguely lost, marooned, displaced. Drinking a nice German Riesling helps, but does not cure this condition.

But I like the city, even in summer. It's quiet and this allows you to appreciate things around you with more care. I came across this building and loved it from first sight. Reused, abused, and abandoned in so many different ways, each of them wonderful.

Act 1
I always enjoy the pvblic face civic architecture, especially when it's nicely worn; pomposity gone, it's like bones in a graveyard.

Act 2
Caged birds trying to escape, lovely in their futility

Act 3An older citizen feels young again as new uses are found; old but not yet outdated.

Act 4
Only the best training will do for our municipal lifeguards.


Lola Is Beauty said...

oh, that's too bad for the lifeguards - you'd never get David Hasslehoff in that pool or Pamela Anderson for that matter. But it's a lovely building...

Bombay Beauty said...

I don't know. A splash of orange, some well-toned pecs, and Pamela Anderson's heaving bosom could do wonders for the place. And also a few fake palm trees. And some real drinks. Cheers, BB

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